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It was a pleasure lending my voice to this Harper Kids ad for the book Dear Boy, the follow up to the best-selling children’s book Dear Girl. The agency was looking for a male counterpoint to the ad for Dear Girl and I had fun matching the tone of the lovely female narrator for that.


Travis Baldree and the team at Double Damage Games just released this space western dogfighting adventure, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. I got to voice several characters and radio commercials. Here’s a little taste…


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Tantor Media, a division of Recorded Books, has included me in their roster of narrators. It’s an honor to be working for such a major publisher and I look forward to having a long and happy relationship! I’ve already done several books with them, including titles for Gildan Media and Highbridge Audio.


A gripping thriller by the writing trio of L.T. VargusTim McBainE.M. Smith.

A spin-off from their popular Violet Darger series, this encompasses both Book 1 and the novella The Good Life Crisis of the Victor Loshak Series.


A string of brutal home invasion murders terrifies Dade County, Florida. The killer strikes in the dead of the night, savages innocent people in their beds, wipes out entire families. He attacks at random. Rich. Poor. Young. Old. No one is safe. 

The investigation is hopeless. There’s little physical evidence to work with, and the killer’s chaotic behavior makes him as unpredictable as he is dangerous. 

The task force leading the investigation needs a profiler, and there’s only one man for the job. Loshak. Special Agent Victor Loshak. 

I am thrilled to have been selected as the recipient of the 2019 Mark Twain Narrator Scholarship to the Hear Now Festival in Kansas City. As the scholarship winner, I was mentored by the “Ginger Yoda”, award-winning audiobook narrator Sean Allen Pratt.

On Saturday night, June 8th, I read the Mark Twain article “Those Blasted Children”, a darkly comic, somewhat violently sarcastic article chronicling Twain’s disdain for the children inhabiting the Lick House Hotel where he was staying in San Francisco.

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Versatile, authentic & engaging with a hint of wry edge.

I am a professional, union (SAG-AFTRA/Actor’s Equity) multi-media performer with over 35 years of experience.

I provide voiceover reads that range from conversational to enthusiastic, young, quirky and hip, to smooth, resonant and sexy. Ask me about my character voices and accents!

Audiobooks have become a true passion, making excellent use of all of my acting skills developed over decades. I mean, what actor doesn’t love to play all the parts!?

Hailing from the Windy City (neutral American accent included) I spent the past 30 years in sunny Los Angeles, developing my skills and working on stage, screen and in the booth. I’ve now ventured Southeast to Atlanta, where I’m settling in and re-adjusting to weather I haven’t had since I was a kid. And bugs. Happily, my newly built professional VO studio keeps me safe from both!

Curt delivers spec-“cat”-ular performance...His characterization is extremely engaging.

Rinn Krause

Lead Casting Dir, Findaway Voices

Thank you again for the awesome narrating. I think the readers are going to love how you brought the characters to life! You are the voice of Torin!

Maeve Greyson

Author of Stone Guardian

Curt Bonnem’s a soothing balm after a hectic day at work. Thank you for making my commute so much better this past week.

MaryLou Hoffman

Audible reviewer




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